Monday, August 21, 2006


I was hit with two losses last Wednesday, but that's reality for you—or reality tv, at least. Alison Kelly, my favorite Project Runway contestant, was booted after designing what can only be described as "crumpled paper mache armor." The contestants could only use materials found at a recycling center, and walking down the runway, Alison's model looked as stiff as the paper she was draped in. I thought Jeffrey's creation was the most creative (a textured blue/yellow dress with a broad belt), but even his crush on Alison wasn't enough to give him the win. I can't blame Jeffrey, as Alison appeared to be one of the few sane people on the show. According to her exit interview, the two totally hit it off when they discovered they both wore necklaces with the Eiffel Tower dangling from them. What are the chances that two fashion designers would have a love of Paris? And they, like, totally like the same movies and music, too! Michael, another one of the sane, wowed the judges with his trashbag-as-neck adornment. As for Alison: Despite her having an irritatingly unplaceable accent (she reps Boston, but it sounded half Floridian/half speech impediment), it is a shame to see her lose to a man (Vincent) who put a trash can on a woman's head and sent her down the runway. He also kept mentioning how much his dress "got him off" and "turned him on," which is all a bit creepier than his smile.

Stay tuned for thoughts on the SYTYCD season 2 finale, which came down to the awkwardly dubbed "Tranji" (Travis or Benji). I personally prefer the sound of "Benvis."

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