Friday, August 11, 2006

Apollo Sunshine - Apollo Sunshine: MAGNET Oct/Nov 2005

It’s possible that the members of Apollo Sunshine are proud owners of a vinyl-only record collection. The Boston quartet’s sophomore effort is a hodgepodge of ’70s album rock, a bar-room stomp that few bands have nailed since, well, the Band. Don’t be misled, though; this isn’t a nostalgia-reliant crate dweller. Produced by Brian McTear (Matt Pond PA, Mazarin), Apollo Sunshine, like the scenes depicted in its artwork, is a journey through stony waterfalls, sun-beaten prairies and backcountry mountains. Side A, track one “Flip!” could back a Starsky & Hutch car chase before singer/multi-instrumentalist Jesse Gallagher literally flips the song from minor to major key, “A Finger Pointing At The Moon” takes place in Ray Davies’ village green, and the instrumental “The Hotter, The Wetter, The Better” gets its hazy tendencies from the Stranglers’ 1981 British hit “Golden Brown.” This sets the stage for the upbeat “Eyes,” a veritable side B, track one. “Phyllis,” in a stunning Dark Side Of The Moon moment, has Gallagher singing the song title in place of “Money.” Traversing this much musical terrain without a hitch is reason to believe it’s showtime for the Apollo.
VIDEO: Apollo Sunshine - Today Is The Day

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