Monday, August 14, 2006

Ambulance LTD - New English: MAGNET Jul/Aug 2006

Ambulance LTD’s self-titled 2004 debut covers its musical bases like a hipster’s iPod on shuffle. One minute it’s steeped in the shoegaze stylings of My Bloody Valentine, the next it’s reimagining the Beatles in Motown. New English is equally varied and rewarding. “Arbuckle’s Swan Song,” written and sung by bassist Matthew Dublin, has a jazz-inflected soul vibe; “New English,” the only other new track, is two-and-a-half minutes of perfect pop guided by layered voices and guitar twang. The seven songs here—filled out by two demos, two rare tracks and a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Fearless”—serve mainly as a teaser for the band’s upcoming sophomore effort, but they’re also evidence that the Brooklyn quartet is refining its scattershot formula by leaving it alone.
VIDEO: Ambulance LTD - Primitive

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