Monday, August 14, 2006

Meredith Bragg And The Terminals - The Departures EP: MAGNET Apr/May 2006

Last July saw the release of this Virginia singer/songwriter's Vol. 1, a debut LP heavily indebted to Elliott Smith's patented quiet-acoustic sound. Although Meredith Bragg is a quick study, he also knows it's wrong to write the same tale twice. The Departures EP is just what its title suggests, a limited-edition pressing on which Bragg discards the Smith songbook for clean staff paper. The spare arrangements remain, but instead of evoking Smith's desperate tone, Bragg sounds sure of himself. On cello-laden opener "Empty Beds," he sings, "Some things never change/The more you stare, the more they stay the same." Here's hoping he looks away as he pens the next chapter.
Meredith Bragg And The Terminals - Empty Beds.mp3

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